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    Người gửi: nguyễn văn hường
    Ngày gửi: 06h:48' 08-02-2017
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    Class : 7....

    Pick out the word that is different from the others. (3 points)
    1.A. physics B. Experiment C. Literature D. biology
    2.A. piano B. Guitar C. Singer D. violin
    3.A. game B. Talk C. Drink D. eat
    4.A. player B. Worker C. Painter D. typewriter
    II. Choose the best answers to complete the text. (7 points)
    Ann lives in London. She is twenty-nine and works for the BBC. She interviews people on an early morning new program called The World Today. Every weekday she gets up at 3.00 in the morning because the program starts at 6.30. She loves __________ (1) work because it is exciting and she meets a lot of very interesting people, but she loves her weekends, __________ (2). On Friday she comes home from the BBC at about 2.00 in the afternoon and she just __________ (3).On Friday evenings she __________ (4) out, but sometimes a friend comes for dinner. He or she brings wine and they cook. Ann loves cooking. They __________ (5) music or just chat. On Saturday mornings she gets up at 9.00 and she goes __________ (6). Then in the evenings she sometimes goes to the theatre or the opera __________ (7) a friend - she loves opera. Then they eat in her favorite chinese restaurant. On Sunday morning she stays in bed late. She doesn’t get up __________ (8) 11.00. Sometimes in the afternoon she visits her sister. She lives in the country and has two __________ (9). She likes playing with her niece and nephew, but she leaves early __________ (10) she goes to bed at 8.00 on Sunday evenings.
    1. A. Her B. she`s C. her`s D. hers
    2. A. So B. Too C. Either D. and
    3. A. Relax B. Relaxes C. Relaxing D. relaxs
    4. A. not go B. isn`t go C. don`t go D. doesn`t go
    5.A. listen B. Hear C. listen to D. hear to
    6. A. Shop B. to shop C. Shopping D. shops
    7.A. to B. For C. Of D. with
    8. A. Until B. To C. From D. on
    9. A. Child B. Childs C. Children D. childrens
    10. A. And B. Because C. Of D. But

    Class : 7....
    I. Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc. (2 điểm)
    1.Mr Thanh   ( be ) a doctor. He   ( work) in a hospital in the city center. Every day he  ( catch ) the bus to work.
    2.What  ( your sister/ do ) now? - She  ( cook ) dinner in the kitchen.
    3.We  ( not go ) camping next week. We  ( visit ) the museum.
    4.Miss Van is a journalist. She  (not write) for Lao Dong Newspaper. She  ( write ) for Nhan Dan Newspaper.
    5.I’d like  (join) your club.
    II. Em hãy chọn một từ mà phần gạch chân có cách phát âm khác so với những từ còn lại. (1.5 điểm)
    1.A. great B. Reader C. Teacher D. means
    2. A. Wet B. Better C. Rest D. pretty
    3. A. Horrible B. Hour C. House D. here
    4. A. Party B. Lovely C. Sky D. empty
    5. A. Stove B. Moment C. Sometime D. close
    III. Em hãy đọc đoạn văn sau rồi chọn đáp án đúng cho mỗi câu hỏi. (1.5 điểm)
    Who are the best drivers? Which drivers are the safest on the roads? According to a recent survey, young and inexperienced drivers are the most likely to have an accident. Older drivers are more careful. Young men have the worst accident records of all. They often choose faster cars with bigger engines. One of the most interesting facts in the survey is that passengers have an effect on the drivers. When young male drivers have their friends in the car, their driving becomes worse. When their wife or girlfriend is in the car, however, their driving is better. But opposite is true for women. Their driving is more dangerous when their husband or boyfriend is in the car.
    1.Who have the worst accident records of all?
    A. Young men B. Young women C. Old men D. Inexperienced men
    2.According to the survey, who are the most likely
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